Building on a relationship established over 13 years ago, MTY, a leader in the fast food industry, has reached a new level with the mandate to transform a semi-enclosed workspace into an open environment. This decision encourages collaboration and meets the evolving needs of the MTY teams. The modernization of their offices involving a dynamic benching concept, marks the beginning of a series of exciting updates to come.

AFFARI, is pleased to contribute to the continued growth of  MTY Group by creating workspaces that inspire success!

Our brief was to completely rethink a semi-enclosed workspace for the MTY Group, transforming it into an open, collaborative space that would better meet the evolving needs of their teams. We opted for a modern benching concept, creating a dynamic and stimulating work environment.

This redesign is part of a series of planned updates, and we look forward to sharing more in the coming months. Stay tuned to find out what exciting things we have in store for this evolving collaboration.

At AFFARI, we believe that office design is about more than just furniture. It’s about creating an environment that inspires productivity, encourages innovation and enhances team well-being. We are honored to be part of MTY’s growth journey and look forward to seeing how this new space will contribute to their continued success.

AFFARI – For workspaces that inspire success.