We are thrilled to share with you the completion of the new office revamp for Dormakaba, achieved entirely with gently-used, furniture options.

Relocating two offices into one, we helped to create a space with an enhanced and supportive work environment, where people are empowered to do their best work, as well, as strongly aligned with their company values of sustainability.

Investing in Sustainable Solutions:

Knoll Antenna Height Adjustable Bench System:

Offering flexibility and comfort, this benching system perfectly adapts to the changing needs of modern workspaces.

HumanScale Dual Monitor Arm:

Engineered to provide complete screen mobility, this monitor arm enables an ergonomic and optimal working experience.

The upgrade included over 100 height-adjustable KNOLL desks, showcasing beautiful, high-quality sustainable options that reduce environmental impact and costs, but without compromising quality and style.

We worked hand-in-hand with Valerie Giroux at Foliodesign, to achieve a workspace with elevated functionality and aesthetics that meet the unique needs of the Dormakaba team.

This project embodies our collective vision of a future where sustainability and efficiency go hand in hand.

For any further inquiries about our services and products, please feel free to contact us.

“We believe in the power of sustainability to create long-term value.”