Renovating a new office?

Whether you are moving, expanding, or downsizing your office, looking for ergonomic furniture, or to optimize your business interior, we can help you achieve your goals, on time and on budget.

why choose affari?

Get the Most Value for Your Money

Personalization doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. Our expert services can help transform any space with quality, brand-name furniture, and fully assembled solutions.

From concept to installation

Our dedicated specialists guide you through the project details and complexities – from needs assessment, design planning, AutoCAD 3D and color renderings to final installation.

Tailored to your needs, style, and budget

The possibilities are practically endless. We offer a wide selection of new office furniture, as well as custom-made, ergonomic, and sustainable options to suit any style and budget.

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Comfortable and suitable seating is crucial for productivity and well-being. Our specialists can guide you through a wide selection of brands and styles.

Office Desks

Modern office desks are versatile, functional, and stylish. Choose from a multitude of options: height-adjustable ergonomic desks, custom-built solutions, desks for private or shared space.

Conference ROOM

This increasingly important space unites and engages employees and guests, physically and virtually. Create an empowering work environment with the right conference table, chairs, accessories, equipment, lighting, and acoustics.

shared workspaces

Collaboration spaces, lounges, break rooms, and cafeteria are increasingly important areas of improvement.  We can help create engaging, shared workspaces where your team can connect and thrive; as well as functional, comfortable, and more welcoming spaces in hospitality or educational settings.

AFFARI is on a mission to improve all workspaces. We exceed customer and facility managers’ expectations and work hand-in-hand with interior-design teams for a seamless experience.

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Reception Area

Making the right first impression remains a business imperative. Design and visual appeal are key factors, as well durability of materials, space and flow all impact the experience. We make it all works together to create a functional space that embodies your brand.


From classic cubicles to modular systems, explore countless design and layout combinations, surface finishes, and colors; including the details of storage, mount options for power accessories, and lighting.

File Cabinets and Storage

Often overlooked, proper storage and space planning is an important factor for a highly organized and productive workspace. We offer innovative storage solutions to maximize space usage combined with the right design aesthetics.

Sustainable Solutions

We offer used furniture and refurbished options that inject new life into brand-name furniture with new materials, updated color trends, and design. Transform your space while saving money and decreasing your environmental impact.

Create a workspace where your team can connect, collaborate, and be inspired to do their best work.

Let yourself be guided by personalized, expert advice. Contact us for a free consultation.

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